Swiss map


The swiss map plugin can be installed by doing a:

pip install pygal_maps_ch


Then you will have access to the module.

You can now plot cantons (see below for the list):

ch_chart =
ch_chart.title = 'Some cantons'
ch_chart.add('Cantons 1', ['kt-zh', 'kt-be', 'kt-nw'])
ch_chart.add('Cantons 2', ['kt-ow', 'kt-bs', 'kt-ne'])

Canton list

code Canton
kt-zh ZH
kt-be BE
kt-lu LU
kt-ju JH
kt-ur UR
kt-sz SZ
kt-ow OW
kt-nw NW
kt-gl GL
kt-zg ZG
kt-fr FR
kt-so SO
kt-bl BL
kt-bs BS
kt-sh SH
kt-ar AR
kt-ai AI
kt-sg SG
kt-gr GR
kt-ag AG
kt-tg TG
kt-ti TI
kt-vd VD
kt-vs VS
kt-ne NE
kt-ge GE